Host of Truly A Shopper: Belinda Chee

Belinda’s start in the entertainment industry came from a reality show. She was one of the finalists in Astro’s Hitz.TV’s UVJ Search. Although she didn’t win the grand prize, the experience and exposure from being on the show afforded her a couple of hosting jobs with the channel. From then, her hosting career grew from strength to strength; she hosted Teman – a travel show on 8TV as well as the 8TV Quickie and several other major 8TV productions. Apart from hosting Truly A Shopper, she co-hosts Football Overload on Astro Supersports as well as co-produces and hosts a brand new reality show for 8TV, Ring Mission.

Wanting to challenge herself further, Belinda is also branching out into acting. Having acted in a few English/Malay drama series, Belinda, whose mother tongue is English and Hokkien is currently brushing up on her Mandarin to further break into the Chinese market. She was the lead in an episodic drama (Goodnight DJ, 声空感应, Season 2) and played a supporting lead role in one of the biggest local Chinese productions of 2011 for 8TV called A Time To Embrace, 追影。筑梦).

You can also see Belinda as the face of Olay White Radiance, a brand she loves. She’s also Osim uKimono’s first Malaysian Ambassador.

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