Guest Judge of Truly A Shopper: Bon Zainal

Bon Zainal is a graduate from the School of Fashion & Merchandising, Los Angeles (a member of the National Education Corporation, U.S.A.). Whilst in the United States, he was a council member of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Sherman Oaks, California and also a Charter Member of GQ Magazine’s Reader Report.

Bon brings with him, his invaluable working experience under the tutelage of Rick Pallack, the man who dresses the celebrities such as Hugh Hefner, Sylvester Stallone, Arsenio Hall, Michael Jackson and even Burt Reynolds. Assisting Rick at his boutique in Beverly Hills, California, Bon gained insight into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. His credentials also include working with Ralph Lauren Boutique in Beverly Hills, California and Gary’s Tux (a tuxedo shop) situated in Studio City, California.

Bon is currently heading Artiizax Sdn Bhd, RTZ Marketing Services and Image Consultancy Services, a MODA (Malaysia Official Designer Association) member, an Advisor to BDA (Bumiputera Designer Association), is much sought after for fashion show events such as the KL International Fashion Week, MIFA, Stylo, Islamic Fashion. and dressing local celebrities such as Mawi, Harith Iskandar, Hans Isaac, just to name a few. Bon is also a highly acclaimed grooming consultant and have given talks, seminars and lectures to colleges, universities, and other private organizations. His passion in delivering insights on proper dressing etiquette and proper grooming for corporate executives as well as students from his vision to have the Malaysian society, Always in Style…..

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