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Episode 6
Truly A 'True Colors' Shopper

In the previous episode, the shoppers - Swing, Chai, Iva and Teo were asked to dress out of the box and prove that they are Truly a "Wild"" Shopper. The judges even chose a wig for each of them to inspire their "alter egos". Iva surfaced as the challenge winner for pulling off her "ginger-haired Marilyn Monroe" persona. Chai and Teo sunk to the bottom two but the judges surprised everyone by allowing three shoppers to compete at the final round; in the end it was Teo who got the wildcard, and Chai eliminated.

This week, as their 6th challenge, the final 3 - Iva, Swing and Teo are asked to shop for their "true colors" at Pavilion. With RM500 in hand, each will have to assemble an outfit that truly represents them, which they will reveal at the results party in Celsius, Fahrenheit 88 and reunite with the previous 9 shoppers. Who will the judges choose to become Malaysia's Truly A Shopper?

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