Are you a “quality person” or a “quantity person” – Part I

Well, the first two episodes of Truly-A-Shopper have been aired. I’ve been frequently asked by my friends, “What do I get out of it? ” Frankly, besides I get to keep all the clothes that I have purchased on the day, I do learn something new on every task in every episode. It’s not just about fashion and how to dress up myself, but also my perspective about shopping!!  Why? Why? Why?  If you haven’t watched our episode 1 and episode 2, please visit our website, for all the webisodes, so it will make more sense to you what I’m about to say…. >.<

     In our daily life, we’re frequently being challenged or asked, are we a quality person – evaluate things or do shopping based on the quality, or are we a quantity person, evaluate things or do shopping based on the number of items we could get.  Like most shoppers (not all but most), PRICE $$$$ is always the number 1 deciding factor for us to buy an outfit. However, regardless it’s consciously or subconsciously, we always ignore other factors like its quality – how long will the outfit last and its practicality – how often can I wear it? To be a PRACTICAL SHOPPER, it’s what I’ve learned in my first ever challenge in the reality show, Truly-A-Shopper.

     Why’s that? If you have watched the first episode, , you will learn that I’ve bought a pair of pants from G2000.  Well, although clothes in G2000 are not super pricey, but its clothes is always considerably good quality that comes with its price. However, the pants that I bought I think is practical because I can wear it not just in 1 occasion, but for many different occasions. A merely simple action of folding  up the bottom of the pants, it gives me a casual look that is suitable for leisure, hanging out, going out for a movie etc. On the other hands, if I do nothing about the pants, it will make me look rather formal. Perhaps, when I add in a jacket (like the one shown in the picture), I’m all ready for most dinners like Wedding dinner, company banquets etc.  That’s what I call PRACTICAL when an item that I bought is flexible enough for many occasions!! And that’s what I call QUALITY when I get much more value out of an item that I bought. The equation of HIGH PRICE = HIGH QUALITY, doesn’t always work for me. If a very so-called “high quality” product or outfit that can only be worn once or for a very very specific occasion, to me it’s just as good as an old clothes that is hidden in the closet to collect dusts!! That’s what i call as IMPRACTICAL 🙂 

     So, do we always just look for quality but not quantity??? Mmmm…. not at all, that’s time when we need to aim for quantity! Stay tune for my next blog, Part II….

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Updated On 24 April, 2011
  • Chai

    Haha….I think it’s so true that there is no ugly woman in the world, but only lazy woman; now i think it’s true that, there is no old fashion man, but only man who doesn’t shop 😛 世界上没有丑的女人, 只有懒的女人; 世界上没有不潮的男人, 只有不shop的男人! 哈哈。。。。

    May 10 2011
    • Swing

      there, you look good when you put in efforts!!
      haha,keep it up! 😉

      May 10 2011

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