Are you a “quality person” or a “quantity person” – Part II

Well, as I the way I ended in Part I, there is time when we need to look for quantity but not quality. There is a Cantonese saying, 蚁多搂死象, meaning an animal as big as elephant, it’s still can be “bitten” to death by ants where they are thousands or even millions of them 🙂 hahahaha…. just kidding!

     Well, if you have watched our episode 2,, you’ll know that our second challenge for Truly-A-Shopper contest is to shop for 2 outfits for a beach holiday. This challenge is the perfect example when I need to go for quantity instead of quality!

     Why’s that? Well, it’s just simple. How often do you for beach holiday? Unless you’re super rich that allows you to go for beach holiday every month, otherwise, you’ll probably go for a beach holiday once a year in average, correct? Secondly, if you have family, let’s say parents, spouse and a child. The cost of going for a holiday can be high, if you don’t have enough budget and want to look “fancy” on your holidays, then you must go for quantity during shopping!

     The tips are simple, you just need to watch out for sales, 2 items for 1 price, buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 get the second one with 1/2 price etc. The quality is not that important here as you’ll probably wear once and will never wear it again or will only wear it again for a very long time! Perhaps, if you have budget, you can always go for a “quality” outfit, why not? However, I personally probably won’t. As a person who has backpacked twice, once in Europe and another one in South America, and many road trips in US, I would rather save up the money for my 3rd back pack trip to Africa or China / Tibet 🙂 

     In conclusion, there is no absolute answer whether we should go for quality or quantity. It’s all relative, it’s relatively depends on what occasions are the outfits for, how often will you wear the outfits, your financial condition etc. Stay tune for my next blog, it’ll be something about my “first time”… something that I want to tell my ex-girl friends and my future girl friend…. hahaha…. 😛

     Before I pen off, I would like to apologize to my partner, Leon Long, in episode 2. After watching the video, I noticed that I might unnecessarily create some “pressure” to him 🙁 Actually, back to school days, one of my buddies has once told me that it’s tension to be in the same team with me due to my aggressiveness – talk fast, walk fast, do fast. Now, I “change fast” also I guess…. hahaha… Watching myself in a reality show, it does teach me a lesson that I need to slow down…. 🙂 It’s sad to see Leon to leave the show but it’s indeed a pleasure to team up with him despite it’s short. Lastly, I’m also quite surprise to see me nervous in front of the camera. Frankly, as far as  I could remember, I wasn’t nervous at all!! Mmm… this show has REVEALED too much of my “weaknesses”…. hahaha….  Nevertheless, it’s all good! So I’m aware, then I learn, finally to improve 🙂  Remember to watch my “first time” in Episode 3.

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Updated On 26 April, 2011

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