Post elimination story…:P

Hey hey, this is feifei…first time updating my blog…:)

Well, as most of you should be well aware by now, I got eliminated during Episode 2…:( sob, sob…I guess I was too panic and nervous back then!~~ Anyhow, I am determined to find a way to overcome my nerves!! haha…

As such, I went back to the assigned shops (FOS, Nichii, Kitchen & Tropicana Life) to see if i could come out with a better idea on the outfit for the theme “Beach Holiday-Sightseeing & ‘Dinner”. I learnt from my experience during Episode 2 that creativity is a very important aspect because that particular episode was about- Truly a ‘Creative’ Shopper!

To my surprise, I managed to find some really good stuff in only about half an hour’s time and guess what, I spent less money compared to the show! Erm, I wonder why I couldn’t find the same stuff that day…Perhaps I just can’t work under pressure!! haha…

Okay, please see below for the stuff that I bought during my so-called “reflective period” together with the short pants and accessories I bought during the show (they are still within the budget even after adding up everything).

  1. Top- RM39.90 from FOS
  2. Short Pants- RM 49.90 from Kitchen
  3. 2 scarves- RM 32 from FOS
  4. Sunnies- RM 19.90 from Kitchen
  5. Bangles- RM 20++ from FOS

Look 1: Beach Holiday- Sightseeing

Note: Sunnies and hat are my own

Look 2: Beach Holiday- Dinner

The top has become my skirt…^^

We were asked to shop for outfits for sightseeing and dinner only, but I came up with an idea of an outfit for BEACH PARTY after the dinner! By using only 2 scarves! Now, am I creative or what? 😛 hehehe…

Look 3: Beach Holiday- Party after the Dinner

The scarf that I used as the top has become the inner layer of my dress…^^

Just for sharing, hope you all like it!

Cheers~~ 🙂

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Updated On 26 April, 2011

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