Pride & Purchasing

I am aware that shopping is a superficial pastime. Not to be confused or compared to any altruistic pursuit, it should not be portrayed as anything gracious or remotely selfless. We must admit however that it’s good fun and that deep down; even the most righteous of philanthropists would love a free spree.

In the name of good fun and shopping abilities, I have been lucky enough to be selected as part of the Top 12 for Malaysia’s first reality show about shopping! I have always enjoyed indulging in a little (sometimes a little too much) retail therapy so I’m very excited to be a part of the show and hope to walk away with the title of ‘Truly a Shopper’!

Contrary to popular belief, shopping is not as easy and relaxing as one might think. I have had great difficulties trying to explain to my father that my endless hours at malls and the stack of receipts in my wallet was all research! I hope that by winning the grand prize I can prove my skills as an agile, creative and well-versed shopper. I have after all, had plenty of training…

There are two proud moments that stand out as I review my shopping (and credit card) history. The first was in my early teen years; I had landed a small role in a print advertisement and had been paid about RM2000 for a day’s work.  I remember the immediate gratification that came with receiving the amount in cash, and the seemingly endless list of items I planned to spend it on.  After careful consideration, I decided I would buy my first digital camera.

I still remember my little black Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T3. Sony’s thinnest model at the time, with 5.1 mega pixels and a 2.5 inch LCD, it probably sounds like a toy compared to today’s models but I was so happy picking it out and carrying it over to the cash register. I remember my dad had come with me that day and I was so proud to be able to choose and pay for my very own camera. I couldn’t hide a smile as I was handed the box and even my dad thought it an appropriate occasion for a hug as I walked away happy and giddy with pride.

The second proud moment in my shopping career was much more recent and much less endearing. My mom and I had seen an ad in the paper for a huge warehouse sale and had fought through the masses to make our way into the stockroom.  Taking up an entire floor, the queue of expectant shoppers spilled into the halls of the mall and those already inside were hard-pressed to find standing room.

Disappointed with the selection after scouring the racks and tables, we were elbowing our way to the check out counter when suddenly a glimmer of rusty gold caught my eye. I squeezed through some angry Chinese ladies fighting over jeans and pulled out a beautiful Massimo Dutti cocktail dress. It was love at first sight. The rusty gold against the delicate chiffon looked stunning and as I checked the labels and tags I could not believe my luck when not only was it my size but also had been priced at RM160! I tried on the dress on top of my clothes (there was no time to waste and no changing rooms in sight) and it was clear: this was The Sale Find of the Year.

I am not exaggerating when I say that those 45 minutes spent waiting in the checkout line were some of the most uncomfortable of my life. The evil and envious stares pierced through the crowd and were aimed directly at me, and my newest acquisition. I could hear the murmuring and see the sly pointed fingers as women of all ages stared in disbelief at my dress, a clear gem amongst the piles of ordinary and mundane sales items. Some of the more desperate ones came over and asked me exactly where I had found it, only to return frustrated and empty-handed after realizing there were no more of it’s kind in stock.

I’ve attached a picture of it; though please note that you should imagine it without the ugly black belt that completely ruins the silhouette! I felt ridiculously proud at having found such a great bargain and daydreamed of yacht parties in St.Tropez as I looked at the sparkling sequins. My pride was even greater when I came home and saw that the original price of the dress was about RM800. 80% discount? Not bad, not bad at all.

By the way… if any of you hear of any fabulous boat or beach parties that I can wear the dress to, please invite me, as unfortunately it’s yet to leave my closet!

Thanks for reading & a special thank you to all those who voted – will keep you posted on more shopping adventures to come!

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Updated On 16 April, 2011

  • Great job, Iva! Truly Shopper is the best term to describe about you. Maybe you could add this title to your resume next time, maybe some1 will hire you as Professional Shopper/Purchaser, the most envious job to the ladies!!

    By the way, can I share this delightful post & your video clips?

    May 18 2011
    • Iva Aguero

      What an amazing compliment! Highly doubt I’ll ever match Tony’s impeccable sarcasm but hopefully my next blog post will not disappoint.

      Muchas gracias for the support 🙂

      April 22 2011
      • Davide

        Iva´s piece is as delightful as it is entertaining. Combines great personal anecdotes with grace and humour. We no longer have to wait for a feminine reincarnation of Bourdain.

        April 22 2011
        • Iva Aguero

          Thanks for the invite Tommy King! I would be honoured to be your +1 but unfortunately for the three of us (you, my dress and I), it looks like I have to stay in KL for now 😛

          Hope you’re doing well & getting some laughs out of the show – was listening to your CD again the other day in the car before Crookers. Wish you’d been here! xx

          April 22 2011
          • Timmy Kong

            Nice one Iva, i wonder how long the opening paragraph took to compose haha i felt i almost had to reach for my pocket oxford dictionary which i keep with me at all times 😛 !! glad to see you made the top 12, i have a pretty good feeling about this comp for you though !! keep it up.

            much love

            P.s.I think were having a yatch party soon with my work colleagues if you can get to perth soon you can be my +1 haha !


            April 20 2011
            • Iva Aguero

              Juli I love shopping too duuuuuh! 😀 Keep leaving me comments so that you can win some vouchers and go buy stuff for free! <3 xx

              April 22 2011
              • Juli

                Omg! <3 hehe i LOVE shopping!

                April 20 2011

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