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I love shopping crazily 🙂 All started since I was a kid , I use to shop with my mom for the festive season only. As u know I was a kid that time so i get a budget and that time i learned how to shop in a budget. Then I started to fall in love with magazines, and a tv shows talking about beauty and fashions, it makes me more into shopping because all the stuff are so attractive. So with my pocket money and I start to shop with my limited budget 🙂

I start to shop only in my local stores at Kota Kinabalu, and the boutique store are selling cute stuff. For now, I stay at Kuala Lumpur, so i can find a lot of variety stores to Shop. The shopping experience that i’m so proud of happened when the first time i shop at kl with my mom and i got lots of choices and then i grab everything i like and all fits me well and i take them home. That is so crazy, i got this super deal and super adorable stuff including tops, pants, sweater, accessories,and shoes for me. Never forget about my make up,  i am super addicted to make up collection, i buy tons of make up here in kl although i didn’t use them everyday but i love them ! And i always go for mac, bobbi brown, laura mercier, makeup forever, and of course all the drugstore make up. As u know, in my hometown, there is limited brand of stores u can find, so when i reach here in kl, i get crazy. I think i want to stay in the shopping mall. And i got this shoes shopping problem one time, my size is 35, and i love high heels, so when i saw a cute high heels, i went crazy and i need to have that, so when i found out i dun have the size that is really fit for me, i tend to be ignoring that, just buy it. And now i put it in my shoes rack.  So that is a bad decisions, but im glad to buy it also, cz everytime i go out and see the shoes in my shoes rack, i can remind myself to shop rationally.

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Updated On 5 April, 2011

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