hello guys~ Im Khairul.. wow..  Truly A Shopper… very new and exciting reality program for all shoppers and of course for me, Truly A Shopper..

Ok, first of all, since this is my first entry, so i would like to introduce little bit about myself.. Im 26 years old.. oppsss, well, gonna be 27 this year but my birthday not coming yet.. so consider 26 la!! haha.. now working as a customer service officer and translator at Japanese company. Love sewing, karaoke, movies and one thing that i cant live without, SHOPPING~~

I love simple and looks nice, elegant and modern style. Honestly i dont have any specific branded items when i want to shop, as long as good in quality, looks nice and comfortable to wear, i have no other reason to shopping for my clothes~

Malaysia got so many places to shop and offers so many style and fashion to choose.. Sales until 70% or maybe up to 80% makes Malaysia best place to shop ever! Good quality with good price, hmm i love shopping and enjoy spending my money..

Where i always go to shop?? hmm Pavilion, Sungei Wang, oh ya Berjaya Time Square, also down town (kinda like pasar malam near my place), and what else? So many places.. and yeah SALES 3 times per year, at least!! wow, heaven!!

Well, i know many people like to shop.. i know im absolutely BETUL about this. Where do you guys always go for shopping and what do you usually buy? Perhaps we can exchange information about SHOPPING matters and maybe we can go out shopping togather when got time to do so… What do you say??

Anyway very nice to know you guys from this site.. I know i dont say this enough, but thanks for all support from voters out there who votes me until Im one of the top12 of Truly A Shopper… Keep support me and keep in touch guys~ Love you all~  


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Updated On 16 April, 2011

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