I Love Warehouse Sales!

There are many activities people partake in their free time for example some read books, some do volunteer work, some people exercise (sorry people, this one definitely not me : )), some tend to their gardens or some just catch up on their sleep. For me, I just like to shop particularly at warehouse sales. Honestly I rarely pay retail price for the things I shop because there are so many sales in Malaysia for example due to our unique multi cultural ethnicity there are various festive sales such as Aidil fitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas and etc then we have the Mega Carnival Sale in middle of the year and lastly the mother load of all sales, the YES – the Year End Sales ,a month long sale.( Every time this rolls along, I feel it keep saying YES to my purse…. Thank God I don’t have credit card). I love to go at warehouse sales because you never know what you might get. It’s the thrill and adventure of literally bargain hunting and treasure hunting all rolled up in one. Like where else can you get branded goods for ¼ of the price? I remember the first time I went to a hush puppies warehouse sale. (Normally the shoes, retails for RM 130 per pair) The line was very long; it stretches from the ballroom out to the hotel to the parking lot. (Yes, people it was that long) Some even lined up from early morning so they can be the first few to go in the ballroom. I was not discouraged as I was not alone; I had my sister to accompany me. So to pass time, we sit and wait in line, catch up on our lives, gossip, by the time it was our turn to go in, there was a sea of people, all pushing and shoving, trying to get a good look at the shoes being displayed. The sales people keep asking people to calm down but too late all were like piranhas in a shopping frenzy, snapping up the shoes left and right. Not to be deterred, I squeeze my body as best as I could to pass the other ladies, but to no avail, lastly all I could manage was to squeeze my hand and feel for the shoe… this process happen a couple of time, just dive and poke… dive and poke… dive and poke… (As my sister was not the aggressive one, she sat at one corner of the room, to guard the shoes we selected).
When I found a design I like I had to holler to the sales person for my size. If design suits my sister , this happened :

Me : “Angah, this one nice… u like?
Angah : No, try another one,
Me : This one?
Angah : No, try another one,
Me : how about this one?….
Angah : ok, ok, size 5!!!!,
Me : Miss, size 5…..

(All hollering as if that person is in another state, hehehe)

At the end of this exercise, I manage to find 5 pairs of different designs, paid RM 150 for all…. My sister’s damage… 3 pairs for RM 70. Sorry I don’t have pictures of the shoes any more I wore them out already, all look scruffy but definitely this is the shopping experience I will never forget and makes me feel like Truly a Shopper.

The best part, when I got home I show my mom and aunties what we got, then they were amazed at the great price they wanted me to bring them… so geared up for another shopping excursion all in the same day lol ; p

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Updated On 16 April, 2011

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