Truly A Confession

As far as I could remember, like all the mums in this world, my mum used to love buying cute little dress or whatever that she thought is cute on me for me. I think started from primary 4 or 5, I stop wearing things that she bought and I just place them like at the bottom of my wardrobe. I do not know how much this hurts her as now I think of it, but it just happened by that time that I do not like her taste, and I do not like the things she bought, maybe there’s the time I started my weird judgment of what is pretty and what is not.

Sorry, Mum! ( a very late sorry!)

Yup, she got fed up because I never wear things that she bought; sometimes I just keep them long enough then I wear them as pajamas. Then one day my mum decided that she is not going to buy anything for me anymore (she is also probably a shopaholic as now I recall), by then I started my wardrobe-independent journey.

So, I started to save all my pocket money to get things that I like, I start shopping with my friends for weekend and bring back a t-shirt, or two, I start to take care of my own image. I’ll bring all the new clothes and mix and match with the existing clothes I have, in front of a big mirror of my mum’s closet. No kidding, I was doing mix and match during my primary. Haha

I am a Penangite, so most of the malls that I went are in this small beautiful island, like Komtar, Prangin Mall, and Island Plaza. As I grew older and new malls came up, I switched my shopping routine to Gurney Plaza and Queensbay, but I do still like Prangin Mall, even now, still!

Soon enough, when I start earning my pocket money with some part time job, shopping mall in Penang Island CAN NOT FULFILL ME ANYMORE! Then I started to take bus from Penang to KL just for shopping.Yes,just for shopping! For the first time when I was here alone shopping in KL, it’s was like heaven to me. I can spend my one whole week shopping in Sungei Weng! Then it become a new routine for me, checking new stuffs in KL malls, my favorite was Sg. Wang, 1-Utama and Mid-valley by that time. There’s one time I bought like 15 sets of full outfit from top to toe for my Chinese new year celebration ( what a good excuse!). My (ex)boyfriend accompanied me for the shopping, he cried on the way home, because he was too tired and I still insist to walk back to one particular shop to get that pair of shoes that I saw like 8 hours ago, he was over exhausted and break the ultimate of his limit! (Ooppsss…..sorry again!)

Then when I grew older and started to earn more, I shopped over-sea. I love to travel, but shopping have to be part of it. Every time when I visit a new country, I shop! I shop from clothes, accessories, books, food and even special groceries.

Other than malls, I love pasar malam, junk sale, and all those bazaar too. Well, as long I get to shop and get to dig and discover chic stuffs with great price. That’ll make my day!

These are just things that I bought last year, when I was out for travel.
( Not included the stuffs that I bought locally. I can never be fast enough to include them for the speed that I buy them……)

3 Days 2 Night at Thailand

5 Days 4 Night at Taipei

3 hours transit at Thailand.

Megasale 2010

(Okay, I was just pretending with all those empty paper bags during the campaign shoot!haha)

I start working at KL since last year, I just came with a full big luggage of wardrobe. Now, approximately one year, my entire wardrobe in my room manages to fill up 3 closets.

And bagssssss I got within this year.

Oh My God, sorting out all of this actually scared myself.
Probably I should make an appointment with a doctor.

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Updated On 6 April, 2011
  • Swing

    I miss you,babe!

    I miss shopping with you too!!

    May 03 2011
    • Jayne

      So, speaking from experience, you can basically put anything extraordinary or outlandish on her and she’ll manage to turn them into a piece of good fashion with her undoubtedly gifted fashion sense! The crown of ‘Truly A Shopper’ is definitely yours! XD

      May 02 2011
      • Swing

        Thanks for the supports,Mei!

        I’m so glad that you like the show and please stay with us till the end! =)

        May 03 2011
        • Mei

          I am a Malaysian currently based in Australia. One thing that I really look forward each time when I am back home is undoubtedly the shopping!

          It is refreshing to see a reality show that every day Malaysian can so easily relate to! This is such an amazing show with great concept and interesting mix of contestants that sums up what Malaysia shopping scene is about.

          Bravo and keep up the good job!

          April 30 2011
          • Swing

            a new house perhaps?! hahahah

            April 26 2011
            • pongkam

              i know what is the most suitable present for your coming birthday…. a new wardrobe!!! ;D

              April 25 2011
              • Swing

                hahahahaha…pls travel with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                i’ll start planning our trip!

                April 19 2011
                • yc

                  There must be some kind of deadly attraction in shopping which make you can’t help from not to shop! Lucky you as you’d found the love of your life at such a young age which seems like it loves you so much too!

                  Btw, I think I won’t be travelling with you as I know I will end up cry as your ex-boyfriend did…

                  April 19 2011
                  • Swing

                    oh! i miss shopping with you too!!
                    Even at XinJhuang pasar malam!! hahahaha

                    April 19 2011
                    • yuf

                      oh! and i miss shopping with you at xi-men-ding!!! XD

                      April 19 2011

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