Episode 1 – Truly A ‘Practical’ Shopper

Episode 1
Truly A Practical Shopper

Hundreds of self-proclaimed fashionistas and shopaholics came forth to the Truly A Shopper audition to prove that they have what it takes to bag it all in Malaysia’s first reality show on shopping, but only 12 Shoppers are chosen by the judges and Malaysia as true retail “spokespersons” who fit the bill. For their first challenge, the Shoppers are given the ‘Practical’ task of searching for an outfit in Bukit Bintang’s Pavilion, fit for both day and night. But the task will come with a twist… and a tight budget. Only 10 Shoppers will remain at the end of the episode as decided by the judges, and 2 will have to say goodbye to a chance of winning RM10,000 cash, RM5,000 worth of prizes and the title – Truly A Shopper!

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Updated On 18 April, 2011

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