My “first time” performed under pressure! >.<

     Dear my ex-girl friends & my future girl friend, I’m so sorry, because my “first-time” was given to the show – Truly A Shopper! Well, I meant the first time I bought a dress for a girl, wakaka… 🙂 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should watch the show….

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-

     Well, how should I describe my experience in this episode? The WORST and the BEST happened in this episode. The worst experience is buying a dress for Swing, a stylist, mmm…. it ain’t an easy task! If you haven’t seen how she transforms herself in the first 2 episodes, then you really miss out!! As a result, I got tensed and it showed in the show…. hahaha… just to name a few, (1) short-term memory loss – couldn’t remember the shops where I bought the outfit and accessorries for her (2) short-term eye sight loss – apparently I have been passing by a store for a few times yet still couldn’t see it!! (3) “weight” loss – I think I might have lost a pound or two as I was running around like a headless chicken and sweating like hell…. hahaha…

     On the bright side, it was indeed a great experience! Because no matter what I bought, Swing still had to wear it because it was part of the contract!! 😛  The same goes to me. I had to wear whatever she bought for me and frankly, I was quite anxious. I was looking forward for the outfit that she had in store for me – to “tranform” me to someone whom I typically would not be! Although some of my friends said the outfit that I was wearing was a little bit HK style and eccentric, but I think since the outfit was meant for an event, so let’s have fun 🙂 Of course, I would be “overly” dressed if I wear that for a date or to pick up newspapers in the morning… hahaha… so what do you think about my outfit? Please leave your comments here ya! Last but not least,  the best experience perhaps was winning the challenge for this episode! So it turned out, I have “tranformed” my “tension” into “fashion“, and make use of my “first time foolness” to the “fullness”!!! Hahaha….

     Lastly, this episode’s challenge does inspire me something. We all know that, 世界上没有丑的女人,只有懒的女人 (there is no ugly woman in the world, but only lazy woman), now I think I’ve found the verse for the guys as well, 世界上没有不潮的男人,只有不shop的男人 (there is no old fashion man, but only man who doesn’t shop) !!

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Updated On 19 May, 2011

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