Everyone is a “gifted” shopper!

     Well, Yesterday’s the past and tomorrow’s the future, today is a gift – which is why they call it the present! Also which is why I call Everyone is a “GIFTED” shopper if you know how to make use of your life and “spend” they 24 hours wisely EVERYDAY!!

     Yes, this post that I’m writing is sounds too “philosophical” or too “chim” in Malaysian slang 😛 Well, different people will have different definition of “gift”. The 4th episode’s challenge of Truly-A-Shopper is to buy the best gifts with the least amount of money!

Part I – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzLFQLsym2k
Part II – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL7mLcMUbeU
Part III – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2vKfnxbVlA 

     The way I buy gifts for others will be the same as the way I would like the type of gifts that I would like to receive. I must admit, I’m a “practical” person. I would like to receive gifts that are practical, useful… so the gifts won’t be left at the corner in my bedroom collecting dust or hidden in my shelves without seeing any sun lights 🙂 Ok, by now you probably will think that cash / gift cards are probably the best gifts for me or for others. Hahaha… not necessarily! More importantly, I believe meaningful gifts, the effort of buying / creating  the gift is above everything else as these values can’t be measured and can’t have a price tag on it. Therefore, they are PRICELESS!!

     So, what gifts did I buy in this episode’s challenge? Firstly I bought a “Battery” like telephone for my newphew.  What does it look like? Please take a look in the picture 🙂 The main reason I bought this gift for him is to send him a message that, being a teenager, a stage of rebellious & confusing, he needs to funnel his energy to the right place and use his energy for the good deeds. Understand this gift isn’t so “cool”, but someone has to send this message to him, so let me do it since in his eyes, I’m always a serious and stern uncle anyway… hahaha… .Besides, isn’t it recently there is news about schoolgirl bullies violently cut off a classmate’s hair and hit her head with books? Oh well, this kind of teenager problems will definitely need our attention and society definitely can’t ignore it! Another thing that society can’t ignore is “Go Green”. It’s really true that I intentionally didn’t buy the gift wraps as I really think it’s a waste since most of the time the wrapping paper can’t be recycled. I’ve a multi-millionaire friend in US. His family “culture” is using NEWSPAPER to wrap Christmas gifts and I’m not kidding! And no, he is not stingy. In fact, he is a philanthropist!! Well, if use the feedbacks I got in the show as the statistics, I think we all have a long way to go to be environmental friendly 🙁 However, I know we can as MALAYSIA BOLEH!! 🙂 🙂

     So the second gift that I bought was a pen holder with KLCC tower design. It’s for a friend who will be going aboard to further her studies. The reason I bought this gift is to remind her to study hard and must remember Malaysia is her home. I, as the person who has stayed in US for 9 years, I still always remember Malaysia is my home and return home eventually 🙂  Perhaps, I must admit I’ve forgotten to buy a pen that goes together with the pen holder… oopss, sorry 🙁 hahaha…

     The last gift that I need to buy is for a wedding! Well, if you have watched the  episode, you would have known that it’s a SONG on a wedding card! But actually, song wasn’t my first option. When i first knew that i needed to buy a gift for wedding, I actually wanted to draw a portrait. I did it before. My first Christmas gift to my God parents in US, Mortensen family, was my drawing of their family portraits. Not sure they still keep it or not… mmmm…. However, because I don’t have my friends’ photos in hand, so I think it’s hard to draw. So I changed it to a song instead as I’m more confident that I porbably could complete it on time. In fact, coincidently I have 2 couples friends who will be getting married in June, one in Taiwan (Ivy) and another one in Norway (Loh)! Oh well, I’m so sorry my friends, I didn’t mean to make you both “share” the song. It’s just that I will be bias if I just mention one couple but not the other 🙁 Anyway, here are the lyrics…although it’s not the best lyrics I’ve written but I hope y’all will like it….


人海之中     不管距离     有缘相逢     是种福气

风雨无阻     风雨同路     未来幸福     在你手里(未来幸福     紧紧捉紧)


缘     是种很玄的东西

当它要来的时候     能心灵相犀

两颗心     总能够靠在一起     愿你俩心心相印

不管日后多少风雨     只要有爱有毅力

屏除万难     爱相依     天上双双比翼!

 Translation: Among million and million of people, can meet someone and fall in love with someone regardless of distance, it’s a blessing! No matter the future is difficult or not, as long as you both confront it together, the happiness is yours and you must hold it tight. Fate, it’s a very mysterious thing.  When it comes, nobody can stop it and you both can just understand each other even without saying a single word. The heart of two, can always be together closely! I wish you both in the future, regardless it’s a good, or a bad day, can always be together ,  flying freely like a pair of love birds in the sky and live happily-ever-after!

     Already, I hope you all enjoy reading this post and also enjoy the song 🙂 Last but not least, take a guess on how much I spent in buying the 3 gifts above?  It’s only RM 61!! 😛  But in my opinion, it’s PRICELESS 😛 hahaha…. it’s just my opinion 🙂

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Updated On 17 May, 2011

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