Episode 02 Truly A Practical Shopper

I love this episode, I got to shop with my new friend for this episode. I’m very happy because I can discuss and talk to a human this time and not only to the camera! Nurul is my partner for this challenge, she is a happy-go-lucky girl, I love her laugh, and I had a great time shopping together with her. We have been discussing, planning, picking up stuffs for each other, styling each other, I’m so proud that she agreed on the tights, this is the first time she wears a tights in her entire life. Dear, you look good in it and you should try another color or print sometimes! 😉

And YAY!! We won this challenge!

Nurul, we’ll go shopping together again, ok?

This is what I wear for this episode.

1. Studded + padded top, TOPSHOP RM 79.90 (After 50% discount)
2. Starry Starry One-piece-Maxi Dress, Sg. Weng RM 69.90.
3. My favorite belt, A Loft of Things, Giza mall RM 59.90.
4. My same accessories.(Details->https://trulyashopper.com/2011/04/blogs/swingchan/966-swings-episode-01-truly-a-practical-shopper-experience.html)

I have seasonal favorite to all my accessories in the boxes, I’ll wear like the same accessories for very long until I happen to find another new favorite which is usually quite hard for me, and then I’ll wear that with some old stuffs I dig deep from all the boxes for another season!

For a very short girl like me, long dress, platform and also a belt on somewhere higher than my waist helps a lot, looks like I have a pair of very long legs, haha, this is how I cheat! =P

I spend around RM200 only for my 2 outfits for beach holiday, one set for sight-seeing and another set for dinner.

Let’s see the details.

For the sight seeing during the day, I’ll wear this outfit. It’s something comfortable, cooling with very thin material, and also very comfy walking slippers with a flower on it to emphasize the holiday mood.
1. Black see-thru top, NICHII RM39.90.
2. Slipper, F.O.S. RM29.90.
3. Hair Band (Flowers), F.O.S. RM 7
4. White wired-Hat, NICHII RM 35.90
5. Red dots scarf, NICHII RM 29.90.

I love that top very much, it can be easily matches with anything, and I’ll wear a bikini inside if I’m at the beach. The scarf is also with a very unique tone and scattered with funky red dots, the judges love it, me too!!

For the night, I’ll do some transformation with the hat, the scarf and also the hair band and I’ll add on another skirt.

1. Red dots scarf, NICHII RM 29.90.
Blue Floral skirt, NICHII RM 49.90.
2. My favorite belt, A Loft of Things, RM 59.90.
3. Hair Band (Flowers), F.O.S. RM 7
4. Leopard print sunglass, Kitschen, RM19.90

I moved up the scarf and made it a toga top, it’s very easy, fold it over your body and only 3 knots needed.

1 on shoulder, I tied it with my flower hair band, and 2 on your wrist, tie it with the fringe of the scarf, one at the top part and one at the bottom to make a hole for your hand.

Done!! You can even wear this as a dress!

The right picture is another mix and match I did with the stuffs that I bought today, this was what I wore to go home. The top for the day sight-seeing and the skirt for the dinner.

About the hat, I’m very happy that I got the hat, because it comes with a wire around the edge, for you to transform it and to shape it into shapes that you desire. I made a brave decision to transform it into my dinner bag since I am not using it for the night.

And it works!

The red line is the wired part of the hat, I folded the hat into half to meet the wired part together, the wire helps the “bag” to “close”, adjusted the strings, tada!
It’s a dinner bag now, I’m sure it have enough space for your tissue, phone and your purse!

I enjoy this challenge very much and I hope you enjoy watching us too! =)

Please watch the full challenge here if you have not
-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDsGDbYWmDM

Remember to like us at Facebook-> https://www.facebook.com/trulyashopper

And all comments are welcome!


Your Truly a Practical Shopper,
Swing C

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Updated On 15 May, 2011
  • Swing

    only here? hmm….ok…

    May 19 2011
    • pongkam

      i like your “swing” in this episode!

      May 19 2011
      • Swing

        ok! 2 vouchers here!!!

        May 19 2011
        • yuf

          ok! here i come again! hope i would win some vouchers again and i give it to you guys! XD

          i love this episode as well!!! 😀
          everything! i love everything you wear in this episode!
          especially the night outfit!
          i dunno what filled your head but u’r just as amazing as usual i just love your idea baby!! (i sound like leonard opps XD)

          i do think nurul is a good partner because she took your suggestion, or maybe she wanted to at least win one more round so she just depended on you afterall XD no offense anyway, you two worked out very well and i can see she quite enjoyed to be with u and u dun seem panic to be with her. good job! 🙂

          super-duper creative idea on the hat-bag!
          i am looking forward to your true-color episode already, though i havent finished 5th yet! soon! 🙂

          please win! and judges of comment, let me win the vouchers please? haha

          May 18 2011
          • Swing

            hehe,so when are we going to the beach together?

            May 18 2011
            • Fei Ling Foo

              I love the starry skirt 🙂 and I love how you wear the scarf.
              It goes well with bikini!
              You can be the diva on the beach.

              May 18 2011

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