Episode 03 Truly A Friendly Shopper

This is easy for me, as a “shopper”, I always shop not only for myself, I shop for my best friend, my dad, my brother and my boyfriend, and styling people is my job! I’m very lucky in this episode to find things that I need for Chai. He is my partner for this challenge, just like a normal guy, he always wears t-shirt and pants. So, we created a very funky event so that I can style him in a very different way. I wanted to make him look more young, fun and energetic. I know he is not going to wear things that I bought for him in future but I suggested him to wear them separately for his everyday life with the wardrobes that he already have. People do not wear this full set for normal days, those are just for events, for fun! I like how I transform him and I like his new look! =)

(Sorry that I forgot to take pictures of the stuffs. If you guys want to have a better look of it, leave comments and ask Chai to do it! Haha)

1. Hat, Puff Nuff, RM 59.90
Bow, Da Louis RM19.90
2. Shirt and Pants, both for RM 88, Catch up
Purple stripey Socks, Larrie RM 12.90
3. Ha, we look good together,ya?! 😉
4. Glasses, Da Louis RM 19.90
Belt, Puff Nuff, Rm39.90

We are so lucky to pick up the same purple and we were so happy when we figured it out at the corridor that we screamed. I started with the shirt and the pants, it’s 2 for RM 88 (amazing, huh?!) and it’s his size, I have a lot of money left so I decided to get him a lot of nice accessories.

The bow is actually a girl’s hair pin, I bought it because it’s RM 10.90 cheaper compare to the bow from the mans shop. I folded up his pants to give him more style and also to show the funky stripes socks. And for the belt, it’s a very nice combination of blue, purple and pink. I bet he do not have this 3 colors in his wardrobe, haha! All of the accessories go well together with the outfit and completed the look that I wanted to achieve. What makes me even happier is, all of them fit him very well! And I spent less than RM250.

I like what he bought for me too……Yes, I really do! I do not mind to change my style for certain occasions and I’m certainly ok with that. I’m not kidding! Just that it’s not my style, haha! But I’ll definitely work that out with something else later! =)

Nah, this…is my style! hahahahahahahaha

1. Old bangles (Detail-> https://trulyashopper.com/2011/04/blogs/swingchan/966-swings-episode-01-truly-a-practical-shopper-experience.html)
Added a black leather bracelet, RM 15, Taichung night market.
2. 2-part legging, RM 30, gift from Hong Kong
3. Silver platform converse, RM 135, Ximenting
4. Shoulder-padded Top with a zip at the back, RM 25, Ho Cheng Yun.

The belt that I’m wearing is the Roxy belt that I bought during the first challenge.
Blog-> (https://trulyashopper.com/2011/04/blogs/swingchan/966-swings-episode-01-truly-a-practical-shopper-experience.html)

Episode 1-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeU6LhXzUwQ&feature=grec_index

Maybe some of you noticed that I’m very obsessed with shoulder-pad and platforms, Ya! I’m currently very into 2 of this. I’d already stopped buying heels for 1 year and all I got are platformsssss. I’m also very into vintage clothes with shoulder pad or modernized top with shoulder pad just like the one I’m wearing for this episode.

Watch how we shopped for each other-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHt4vXvxtMQ

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Updated On 17 May, 2011

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