Most You:nique Photo Contest

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad – the official card and proud sponsor of cash prizes for this first reality show on shopping is the first and only bank in Malaysia that allow you to personalized you own credit/prepaid card with your own photo.

How about sharing your creative idea and win some cash in return?

Simply send your Most You:nique Photo to [email protected] with title Most You:nique Photo Contest.

And we’ll help you do the rest.

Once your You:nique Picture Card is upload, get you friend to “Like” our Truly A Shopper Facebook page and “Like” your You:nique Picture Card.

The top 5 with most “like” will win Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM200 & top 6 – 10 will win Alliance Bank You:nique Prepaid Card pre-loaded with RM100.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Please make sure your are owner of the photos.
2. The file size of the photo must not smaller than 1MB.
3. Please provide the following information for the contest entry: Full Name, IC No, Name to be printed on the Card, Contact No.
4. Contestant must be at least 18 years of age or above.

Closing Date: 15th June 2011

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Updated On 11 May, 2011

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