The Big Eyes Get “The Big Mouth” Contest

Who got the BIG EYES?

Those who’ve watched the show, try answer the question from every episode. Every 10th entry with correct/best answers will get to walk away with a Meal Voucher from The Big Mouth worth RM48.80.

Simply choose 1 set of questions from 6 webisodes, send your answer to [email protected] now.

Webisode 1: Truly A “Practical” Shopper

Q1: What is the full name of the Acting Director General of Tourism Malaysia?
Q2: Which Shopper said: “Cannot see, I’m currently half naked…”?
Q3: Who is the winner of the first shopping challenge theme Truly a “Practical” shopper?

Webisode 2: Truly A “Creative” Shopper

Q1: Name 3 sponsors (venue sponsors or brand sponsors) appeared in this webisode.
Q2: Which Shopper said: “If I could turn back time, I want to change the dress that I bought for dinner…”
Q3: On what time (sec) the make up sponsor Aery Jo had been spotted on the screen from webisode 2?

Webisode 3: Truly A “Friendly” Shopper

Q1: How many retail outlets having promotions for Alliance Bank’s Credit Card at
Q2: Which Shopper said: “Da Louis should be… should be… Da Louis should be…”
Q3: Who is the new guest judge of webisode 3?

Webisode 4: Truly A “Gifted” Shopper

Q1: Ahlam wouldn’t want which theme?
Q2: Which Shopper said: “Ya, please… Please… Please don’t near me, ok? Please… Please…”
Q3: Who sang during judging section?

Webisode 5: Truly A “Wild” Shopper

Q1: Name 4 venue sponsors for this webisode.
Q2: Which shopper dressed up like the lady from Narnia?
Q3: Which shopper said: “All my friends will (be) fainted. They never think that I will dress like that.. in real life… ”

Webisode 6: Truly A “True Colours” Shopper

Q1: Which shopper said: “When I’m hot, I look very cute, pinky!” ?
Q2: Which shopper choose all local brands for the last challenge?
Q3: On what time (sec) the Deputy Director General Marketing of Tourism Malaysia Yang Berbahagia Dato Amiruddin Abu had been spotted on the screen from webisode 6?

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Updated On 10 May, 2011

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