Episode 4 – Truly A ‘Gifted’ Shopper

Episode 4
Truly A ‘Gifted’ Shopper

In the previous episode, the shoppers were surprised again as they didn’t only have to shop with a partner again, but they had have to shop for each other. The judges threw in another surprise by choosing Teo and Chai as the challenge winners despite not being from the same pair, and Khairul and Nurul were sent home. This week: Iva, Swing, Ahlam, Teo, Chai and Jen Nie take Sunway Pyramid. They will have to draw 3 occasions from the Truly A Shopper Jar and look for the perfect gifts to suit the occasions, be it for a farewell party, wedding, Mother’s Day, a 13-year old’s birthday or a festive holiday. Who will win this challenge as Truly A “Gifted” Shopper, and who will be the next two shoppers to leave?

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Updated On 9 May, 2011

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