Spot the You:nique Card Contest

Thank you all for the tremendous support on the “Most You:nique Photo Contest”. Our generous sponsor — Alliance Bank would like to see more viewers walk away with the You:nique Picture Card which loaded with CASH!!!

Truly A Shopper glad to announce another exciting contest, “Spot the You:nique Card Contest”! All you need to do is to sit back and watch the very interesting Truly A Shopper Webisodes 1 – 6. Maximize the screen, keep your eyes on it and don’t blink! Spot as many Alliance Bank’s You:nique Card appearance as possible. Contestant who spotted most scene with the You:nique Card will stand a chance to win Truly A Shopper Alliance Bank’s You:nique Prepaid card loaded with RM150!

So, how to Join?
1. Make a screenshot whenever Alliance Bank’s You:nique card appear on the screen throughout the Season 1 Truly A Shopper (Webisode 1 – 6) .
2. The 5 contestant with most correct screenshot will win Truly A Shopper Alliance Bank’s You:nique Prepaid card pre-loaded with RM150. Whenever there is a tie, the entry come in earlier will be the winner!

How to take Screenshot (for Windows):
1. Press the button “print screen” (next to F12) or press “shift+ insert”.
2. Go to Paint or another imaging program and click paste (ctrl +v).
3. You can cut out the parts you don’t want.
4. Save the screenshot in jpg file with the size of width: 200px.

How to take Screenshot (for Mac):
1. Open Grab, located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.
2. Choose Capture > Selection.
3. Move the pointer to a corner of the area you want to capture.
4. Drag the pointer across the area and release the mouse button.
5. Save the screenshot in jpg file with the size of width: 200px.

The contest begins on 20th June, 2011 and will be ended on 30th June, 2011, 11:59pm.
Please send all the 6 webisode screenshots in jpeg format to [email protected] with title “Spot the You:nique Card Contest”. You don’t need a big image, we’ll know if it is a right scene while we see the screenshot that you’ve captured!

So wait no more, i know you have watched it, now watch it again care fully this time at now!

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Updated On 20 June, 2011

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