What Malaysian wouldn’t love an opportunity to indulge in retail therapy? Truly A Shopper is an upcoming online reality show that puts the spotlight on the nation’s favourite past time – shopping (perhaps only second to eating!). Together with Tourism Malaysia, the show celebrates the art of spending in the name of fashion and, well – all things money can buy, really!

In conjunction with the 2011 launch of Duty Free Shopping all around Malaysia, and to mark Kuala Lumpur as a great shopping capital, Truly A Shopper has one mission: to search for the country’s most skillful shopaholic, the winner who will walk away with RM10,000 in cash and RM5,000 worth of prizes, earning him or her the bragging rights to the title – Truly A Shopper.

This March 2011, Truly A Shopper is calling out to outgoing, adventurous, fashionable and self- proclaimed shopping addicts to come forth and audition for this unique reality competition. Following the audition, 24 potentials will be selected before the judges leave it in the hands of the public to vote for the 12 “Shoppers”, the chosen ones who will embark on the next stage of Truly A Shopper.

The 12 Shoppers will undergo tasks that challenge their shopping skills, where factors such as budget, strategy, discount, taste and fashion will be put to the test. Spanning six episodes (and six tasks) from April to June 2011, each week will see our panel of judges deciding who deserves to stay and be one step closer to the grand swipe, and who will be leaving, as only 4 Shoppers will qualify for the final task.

From shopping for one outfit fit for two to matching everything to a pair of shoes, look out for Truly A Shopper to see if our Malaysia has what it takes to not crack under the pressure of retail therapy and pull off a million-dollar outfit with just one hundred ringgit. Viewers of the show will also have the opportunity to take part in weekly contests to win shopping vouchers.

* The production team reserves the right to change formats at any time without prior notice.

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